The SBE Explore Program

The SBE Explore program is designed to support women who have an idea they want to bring to life. The program has been created by female founders, for female founders, with the aim to provide advice, skills, resources, and networks to get you started quickly, without the pain. The combined experience of those at SBE has equipped us to help you feel confident to examine, test, prototype and launch business ideas rapidly, resourcefully, and with eco-system support.
The SBE Explore program has been designed to provide you with the confidence and skills to launch your idea to market. Throughout the 8 week program you will learn how to do just that, surrounded by experts and mentors who are leaders in their fields.
With the SBE Explore program you will gain:

  • The skills to test your idea’s theory and whether it’s got the market viability for success.
  • The confidence to think of yourself as a founder and to know what your idea needs to make it a success.
  • Strategic tools to set relevant goals, set up a company, overcome early obstacles and acquire customers.
  • The learnings to allow you to build out comprehensive business and financial models.
  • Strong foundations and networks across all elements of an early stage business.
The SBE Explore program is powered by Launch Vic

Course Outline

The SBE Explore program consists of 8 core modules:
  • You as a founder
  • Ideation thinking and tools
  • Market and Customer validation
  • Prototyping and MVP creation
  • Business and Financial modelling
  • The Legals
  • Pathway to Market
  • Pitching for Investment


You have an idea, but you’ve not yet turned it into a fully fledged business. You could have someone working with you, or maybe you’re going it alone. You want to get your idea into customers hands, but you’re not quite sure how to get there, or the best path to take. You want to do so as cost effectively, and as efficiently as possible.


The SBE Explore program covers:
The fundamentals of taking an idea and turning it into a business, and the correct steps needed to do just that. Skills learnt cover establishing whether customers want your solution, how to work to a lean startup model, different types of business models, how to properly commercialise your idea, forecasting, budgeting, working out customer acquisition and lifetime customer values, marketing, what investors are looking for and how to develop an elevator pitch. The program provides access to leading experts and mentors from various fields each week that work directly with you on your idea, including individualised coaching sessions.

The program is an 8 week hybrid program. Weeks 1 and 8 will be conducted as face-to face-sessions. Weeks 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 will be held virtually with 1.5 contact hours required each week.

The cohort size is minimal as to allow for a direct, engaging learning environment.


You have a great, winning idea, but you’re not sure of the first, second or third steps to take to turn it into a great business. You’ve thought of a solution that you love, but you’re not sure if customers would be willing to pay for it. You want to learn from those who have made mistakes before you, so you don’t need to make the same mistakes. You want the confidence to go into the world as the founder of a successful, scalable, business.

Key Dates

July - Sep 2021  
The SBE Explore program is powered by Launch Vic