Designed for healthcare and life science industries, this program assists companies in seeking seed and growth funding, while establishing expert connections and resources.


Emerging, high-growth companies are eligible to apply for the SBE by Springboard Enterprises Life Sciences Program with:
  • A woman in a key senior leadership position with a significant equity stake;
  • A track record of milestone achievement, which may include: grants, clients, revenue, or partners;
  • A profitable market opportunity with a defensible competitive advantage;
  • A credible core management team or the ability to attract one;
  • A willingness to invest back into SBE Australia and our network;
  • Applications accepted at all stages, from seed to early-stage (Series A) to late-stage (Series B and beyond). “Sweet spot” is a company seeking institutional investments within the next 12-18 months.

Up to 10 companies are selected to participate in the program following:
  • An online interview
  • Online review; and
  • Face to-face interviews.

If you’re unsure whether your company fits our criteria, let’s talk. Email us at

The Program

This program serves as the on-ramp into our alumnae network: a global community of world-class entrepreneurs, investors and business development professionals committed to supporting entrepreneurial businesses and the women who lead them.

Being a part of our program gives you access to influential business experts and their invaluable knowledge and experience.

This program involves:

Rigorous application and review process including online assessment of company opportunities and face-to-face interviews. These are held in 4 cities during which applicants present their businesses to a panel of experts.

4 weeks of 2 x 2 hour weekly virtual sessions - Companies selected to participate are invited to attend a highly interactive program focusing on an assessment of each company’s opportunity.

8-week Advisory program - Each company is assigned a team of advisors who offer input on business strategy and provide connections to financial, business and other relevant resources.

The Dolphin Tank - An in-person presentation session at the end of the Advisory Program designed to surround you with an engaged and supportive audience of investors, corporate executives, and advisors who offer actionable insights, connections and access to relevant resources.

The Global Alumnae Network - Lifelong affiliation with a global community of innovators, investors and influencers who are available to help you as you grow your business through market and product expansion.

Key Dates

May 10th Applications Close
July 9th Final Participant Selection
August 5th - October 7th Bootcamp and Workshops
September 13th - 5th November Advisory Program
November 18th Final Pitch Event