Pradnya Bhandary

CEO & Co-Founder
Bryte Systems

She is CEO and co-founder of Bryte Systems, the company behind BryteFlow, the enterprise data integration software. As a passionate technologist, Pradnya solves a lot of hard problems with data for customers in many verticals ranging from telcos and banking to retail and energy.

She finds it extremely rewarding to unlock intractable, siloed data for clients that can actually lead to data-powered actionable insights and new efficiencies that make a real difference to their bottom line. Her hard-won experience of over 20 years is distilled into the BryteFlow software that provides automated, self-service integration of data on the cloud in real-time for Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Pradnya has steered Bryte Systems into being a top level Amazon Web Services Advanced Technology Partner (Data & Analytics). Bryte was also recognized as AWS Technology Partner of the Year, 2018.

“We already had great products but training with SBE was valuable in the sense that it clarified my goals as a CEO, helped me build great connections and gave me greater confidence to present and hold my own with big league investors.” Pradnya Bhandary