The Evolve program is designed to empower, evolve and escalate women-led businesses. We understand the challenges you face as women founders and leaders. Our experience has equipped us to help you grow a successful, sustainable and scalable business - our track record speaks for itself.
Our Evolve program is designed as a hands-on learning experience by our network of industry leaders. Throughout the program, you'll uncover powerful strategies and gain valuable connections working alongside other women founders and leaders who are sharing your challenges, and who are at a similar stage of growth.
With the Evolve program, you will gain:

  • The confidence to know that your business foundations are strong
  • Hands-on training in key disciplines necessary for sustained start-up success
  • Strategies to overcome challenges specific to your stage of growth
  • The tools to develop and test customer, product and marketing strategies
  • Lifelong connections with our influential industry networks
  • Stronger foundations in finance, technology, pitching and more

Course Outline

The Evolve program consists of 8 core modules:
  • You and your company
  • Market opportunity
  • Team and vision
  • Value proposition
  • Technology and customer experience
  • Product and business milestones
  • Equity
  • Investor pitches and networking


Your business is up and running, yet still in its infancy. There’s still so much you feel you need to give your business the best foundations for growth and future success. With the Evolve, you can benefit from our proven methods of support and guidance, and gain access to our influential network.


The Evolve program covers:
The fundamentals of customer acquisition, marketing, product development, technology, legal and financials. We will empower you with the key building blocks and disciplines needed to make your business sustainable and attractive to both customers and future investors. We aim to build strong women-led tech and life science companies, by giving you the right knowledge, tools and support to flourish in an open environment of like-minded people.


By the end of Evolve, you and your company will be investor ready. You’ll have the insights, skills and confidence to help you grow and scale. Plus all program participants receive credits and discounts from our partners, AWS, Stripe and Hubspot.


SBE will be running programs across the country in 2022. Most programs are delivered in a hybrid format, with a mix of face to face session and online learning. We are accepting applications year round and will be in touch regarding the next program near you.

Program Dates

Victoria (Tech Industry) February 2022
National (Space Industry) March 2022
Queensland April 2022
National (AgTech Industry) May 2022
Western Australia May 2022
For more information about any of these programs, please email