Alison Hardacre

Managing Director & Co-Founder

Alison completed the SBE by Springboard Enterprises Tech program in 2015.

Alison is co-founder and managing director of HealthKit, a global platform that streamlines clinical administration for doctors, and brings together information and directories for patients to seek the best care. She speaks five Asian languages, was a Young Australian of the Year, and is an alumnae of 2014 SBE by Springboard Enterprises Tech Program. Alison found our SBE by Springboard Enterprises Tech Program especially helpful when it came to raising capital. She feels her gender has been a factor in the past.

“Investors are making calls about people, and about business models. Perceptions about gender can’t be separated from it unfortunately and that’s why SBE is really important, and raising questions about how you can tackle that.”

With the guidance and connections offered by SBE, she is now preparing for a $5M round.