Press release: Announcing the 2019 SBE Australia by Springboard Enterprises Life Sciences cohort

With the support of funding from Launch Vic, SBE Australia announces that six experienced and accomplished women entrepreneurs have been selected to take part in its 2019 SBE Australia by Springboard Enterprises Life Sciences cohort. The group includes a mix of companies across the device, digital and diagnostic industries, reflecting the diverse calibre of women in the life science industry in Australia.

The program builds on the success of last year’s Biotech Pilot program in Melbourne, six years of supporting Australian women-led technology companies, and US-based Springboard Enterprises’ nearly two decades of helping women entrepreneurs build high-growth businesses. Since 2012, the 56 women that have participated in SBE Australia by Springboard Enterprises Programs have successfully raised more than $207M.

The program selectively targets a diverse and global network of experts to engage with the selected companies and have a meaningful impact on their next phase of growth. After the program, SBE Australia and Springboard Enterprises build long-term value by continuing to engage the entrepreneurs in a lifetime of opportunities that expand their leadership, experience, visibility, and impact.

The women and companies that have been selected to take part in the 2019 SBE Australia by Springboard Enterprises Life Sciences Program include:

  • Jennifer Barnes, CEO of Spot Check Technologies, whose handheld biosensor platform enables the rapid and sensitive detection of microorganisms and molecules.

  • Leearne Hinch, CEO of Bard1 Life Sciences, which is developing and commercialising non-invasive diagnostic tests for early detection of cancer.

  • Mardi McMillan, CPO of Thrivor, a patient-centric platform that provides clinical trial networks and hospitals a better way to manage schedules, appointments, communications, payments and compliance.

  • Michelle Perugini, CEO of Presagen, an AI platform for medical imaging, with an initial product, Life Whisperer, focused on the IVF market.

  • Wei Sue, CFO of Navi Medical Technologies, which is developing a medical device that provides accurate localisation of umbilical venous catheters in critically-ill newborns.

  • Lynette Walter, CEO of Navbit Pty Ltd, which develops intuitive smart sensor technologies for the orthopaedic industry with an initial product, HipBit, which helps surgeons to accurately position hip components during joint replacement surgery.

For any enquiries in regards to the program, please contact the Life Sciences Program Director, Larisa Chisholm: or +61 403 563 774.