Why do we call our new program for early-stage start-ups E3: Empower, Evolve, Escalate?

According to SBE Australia General Manager, Julie Demsey it’s because ‘Empower, evolve, escalate’ describes the transformation that takes place in female entrepreneurs when we build their confidence, create lasting connections, and coach key business fundamentals.

Julie breaks it down for you….

SBE Australia empowers female entrepreneurs with the key building blocks, disciplines and networks they need to grow their confidence.  

E3 participants have all built businesses to a certain point where they are ready to grow.

“A critical step in business growth for women is linked to their personal growth,” Julie says.

“And we have found of one of the most powerful things we can do for female founders is to build their confidence by opening them up to support from a network including other women who are going through exactly what they are going through.

“For women who are not regularly exposed to female mentors and female networks, connecting them to that on a professional, business level helps normalise the female entrepreneur experience, which is incredibly empowering.”

SBE Australia brings in industry experts every week to help evolve businesses female entrepreneurs have built to make them even stronger.

Julie says it is quite simple…. start-up founders, want to talk to other start-up founders.

“Bringing in different guest experts each week, including some of our recent Springboard Enterprises Accelerator alumnae, means they can share their experience and offer very recent and very relevant advice. Our Accelerator program alumnae have gone through what our E3 participants are going through… they’re a few steps ahead on their journey but even so are still on their own evolution.

“Our alumnae guests stimulate, excite, inspire, and accelerate the participants’ evolution more than anything else we’ve seen.”

But it’s not just that… the E3 program is also intentionally structured to evolve the entrepreneurs’ understanding of their business and their market every week through a logical business planning progression.

“Each week the cohort members are assigned exercises they work on throughout the week  which we review the following week. By the end of the program, the participants can see exactly how their businesses and plans have evolved in that eight weeks. And that in itself sets them up to evolve exponentially into the future.”

And finally, when female tech founders sign up to E3, the are literally taking their first step inside a powerful female network of influencers who together can help escalate everyone’s success.

And the proof is our past success. Since SBE Australia’s US partner and Accelerator program founder, Springboard Enterprises, was launched in 2000 they have globally assisted almost 700 companies in raising $7.7 billion in funding.

SBE Australia launched five years ago and has helped alumnae across 45 companies raise over $178 million to date. 81% of Accelerator grads have achieved their capital targets and have enjoyed 3 successful exits and 2 IPOs.

“That’s the kind of exciting and accelerated journey we are laying the foundations for our participants to travel,” Julie says.

“The top graduate from each E3 program (as determined by SBE Australia panellists) is selected to go through to the regional interviews to participate in our next Springboard Enterprises Program.”

Applying for the E3 program today could be the start of an exciting new entrepreneurial journey for you surrounded by other amazing and supportive women.

Applications close September 10 for our Melbourne launch and our early bird discount of 20% expires on Friday 25 August. We shortlist select eligible applicants to interview before selecting our final cohort.

Contact us at info@sbeaustralia.org for more information.