EXPOSED - How our own ‘Resilience and Self Care’ panel showed me I’ve been the pot calling the kettle black!

Last week I lead a panel on Resilience and Self Care for Business Success as part of Female Entrepreneurs Week at TankStream Labs. .

The panel was filled with amazing female entrepreneurs who generously and authentically shared stories from their personal journeys running their companies. They shared the good, the bad, and the ugly which included honest accounts of their highs and the lows along with how they got themselves through their lows and the tips and tricks they used.

L-R Helen Awali (Bookmarc), Noga Edelstein (urbanyou), Georgie Drury (Springday), Fiona Boyd (Head Over Heels), Deb Noller (SwitchHQ), Dr Sylvia Pfeiffer (coviu) and Julie Demsey (SBE Australia)

L-R Helen Awali (Bookmarc), Noga Edelstein (urbanyou), Georgie Drury (Springday), Fiona Boyd (Head Over Heels), Deb Noller (SwitchHQ), Dr Sylvia Pfeiffer (coviu) and Julie Demsey (SBE Australia)

I had hoped for feedback from our panel and guests which was exactly what got when I sat down with Fiona Boyd from Heads Over Heels and proposed we write about self care for our blog. Those who attended shared that they had gotten so much out of the panel and felt well supported.

Jacqueline Custodio, LightsApp, one of our E3 program participants said... 

 “I'm so glad I went, it was the most honest and authentic conversation I've been privy to from female founders ever!! It validated a lot of my own struggles and how to help myself in this incredibly challenging journey. We are not alone in these emotions and it helps to know it. It was very energising! Thank you”

As someone who spends their days running programs to support female entrepreneurs and help them grow and scale their companies this was what I thought was the best result I could have helped for. What I didn’t anticipate was something even more powerful… a personal life lesson that will have lasting impact.

I learned that I am the ultimate pot calling the kettle black! I spend a good amount of time reminding others about the importance of resilience and self care and have many personal self care practices that I work to incorporate into my life on a pretty regular basis and I know that I am quite resilient. But what I didn’t realise is that I hadn’t actually internalised the messages that were shared about the emotional roller coaster this journey takes us on.

For the first time as I listened, I realised these actually apply to me and if I am going successfully lead SBE Australia and support the women who come through our programs, I need to recognise that this is hard work and take care of my mental well being and not burn out.

A few weeks ago I shared an article from the New York Times titled Free Yourself of Your Harshest Critic and Plow Ahead which had this graphic:


This is a daemon I have been grappling with for a long time . It wasn’t until someone in the audience asked how the panel members handled their high expectations of themselves, I realised I didn’t have a good answer and I needed to internalise everything that was discussed on the panel if I really wanted in improve my own resilience and my own self care so I can be my best self in running my company.

For so long I have been listening to and supporting other female entrepreneurs, I have forgotten to takes these lessons on and give myself a bit of a break!

So I personally want to thank all of those on the panel and those in the audience who participated for helping me learn so much more than I could have hoped. I will be a better person and a better leader for being part of the discussion and because you all so openly, honestly and authentically shared your journey.

Thank you a million times over.

Julie Demsey