Three reasons tech entrepreneurs should apply for our E3 program... from our of our participants!

We asked Jacqui Park, one of our current Sydney program participants who is a female co-founder of an early stage start-up, what she’s gained in her first three weeks on the program.

Jacqui is co-founder of Carrots Money, a start-up on a mission to help people be happier with money. Jacqui started out with a career in investment management before working and studying in the UK and US. She has co-founded a start-up previously but says she has still learnt so much and been very impressed by the E3 program. The top three reasons Jacqui says she’s glad she applied and was accepted into the E3 program are…

1.    Confidence

According to Jacqui, it is quite common for founders to feel like they don’t always know what they’re doing but the E3 program is giving all the participants more confidence after just a few weeks.

“The shared experience across the whole group right from week one was that when we’re talking about our businesses, we are fairly confident and comfortable … but we’re far less comfortable and confident talking about ourselves and our roles as founders. We’ve realised quickly we need to be confident talking about ourselves because we are an important part of our businesses.

Having the opportunity to share the experience with other women who are similar stage entrepreneurs brings a level of support, in a safe environment, which is boosted even more by access to the amazing network and experts SBE Australia brings in each week to teach us.”

Which brings us to the second reason Jacqui’s glad she applied to E3….

2.    Getting access to EXPERIENCED and RELATABLE program leaders and experts.

“As a start-up founder, you want to talk to other start-up founders who’ve been there, done that,” Jacqui says.

“The guest presenters are of such high quality – super-smart, totally approachable, and completely relatable. They easily instil confidence in us that we are going to be able to grow and develop like they are. And they’re not billion-dollar businesses talking about their start-up experiences from years ago, they are still trying to grow and scale their businesses too, right now. Their advice is so relevant, practical, and actionable.”

And speaking of actionable…

3.    Jacqui says she’s found the E3 program is different because it is so STRUCTURED and it makes you ACCOUNTABLE.

“I’ve been in start-ups before and was immersed in the world of entrepreneurs during my MBA and my time in the States but it was more theory… I hadn’t actually ‘drunk the kool-aid’ yet.”

According to Jacqui it’s really hard to get structure from the literature but the E3 program is very deliberately structured.

“The work we put in each week is directly related to our business and what we actually need to be doing right now. We are literally taking the work we are doing in the program home and doing it for our businesses. There have been so many times in the past three weeks on the program going through this process that I wished I started this months ago!”

After reading Jacqui’s experience, if you think the E3 program sounds like it is right for you, then apply HERE for our Melbourne program launching in October or register your interest for future programs in other cities.