Silence Your Inner Critic and Find Your “Yes, I Can”

Silence Your Inner Critic and Find Your “Yes, I Can”

We all have that voice inside our head that tells us we are not good enough. It may feel like a bully lives inside your head in a rent-controlled apartment and won’t ever move out. Sandra Shpilberg, renowned author, came face to face with her Inner Critic in 2015 as she set to start her company. Back then, this voice didn’t know how things would turn out - which was rather well. And so, this voice would go on and on, about how she couldn’t possibly be starting and building a company. But then, she found a way to shut it up and below, she's shared with the SBE community how to do just that.


1. Locate Your Inner Critic

For most of us this is an easy task. It’s that voice we hear in our head that says we are not good enough, we can’t possibly do this, and we certainly should never even begin. Sometimes, the Inner Critic may bear the voice of another figure in our lives - a parent, a sibling or a partner - but it’s not their voice. It’s really your own voice, and like all of our voices, it needs to be heard.  So take a moment to hear all the garbage it has to say about you.


2. Write Your Inner Critic A Letter

Now that the Inner Critic has spoken, begin to write it a letter as such:

Inner critic,

I hear what you are saying, that (insert your name) is (insert X, Y, and Z negative self-talk here), and can’t possibly be able to do (insert A, B, C goals and dreams).

(Insert your name) is at a point where s/he really wants to leap into creating this new venture, and s/he would really appreciate it if you could give her/him the benefit of the doubt. S/he’s just starting out, you know? S/he wants to do this, and s/he trusts s/he will figure out a way.                               

In the case that you are unable to give her/ him the benefit of the doubt, then just shut up completely, about X, Y, Z, and A, B, C, and whatever else you may have to say about (insert your name).

Just shut up. I’ll reach back out in twelve months with an update.                                 

Thank you.

(Insert your name)

There you go: you just bought yourself a year of silence.


3. Repeat with me “Yes, I Can”  

This is the truth. Yes, you can. You can certainly do anything that you’d like to do. So get to it and go create the company of your dreams. Your inner critic is on a silent retreat.


Sandra Shpilberg is an entrepreneur. Her bestselling book New Startup Mindset, shares her story of starting, building and exiting her first startup. More at: