SBE Australia is Hiring!

SBE Australia is Hiring!

We have ambitious plans for 2021 and are looking for someone to join our small team. Someone who shares our passion for accelerating women led business. 

From my experience there is no conventional path to the startup world. For me, it was a “take a leap” straight off the cliff, moment. My husband and I both quit our jobs, sold our house, moved to Melbourne and started a company called Occasional Butler. We had no idea, at the start, that it was even a Tech Startup. After being acquired by Airtasker, 4 years later I began mentoring other startups. It was through this work that I was asked to jump in and facilitate our early stage E3 program. I fell in love with the program, the SBE team, but more importantly, the women taking the brave path to create something that will improve our world, through their many different lenses. 

Our National Program Manager, Olivia Doherty was an elite athlete and the Director of Sport at Melbourne High School. Olivia found SBE after taking time out from educating others to do an MBA for herself. 

Our Marketing Manager, Sage Lamont, is a serial entrepreneur, currently co-founder of Golden Grind, the world's best organic turmeric products, made here in Australia. Sage is passionate about helping women transform industries as she herself is doing. Sage became involved with SBE after completing the SBE E3 program.

Our Facilitator, Mary Minas has a background in Film Production. Mary and I met at the Wade Institute where she completed the Masters of Entrepreneurship and has since started Sense of Self, a bathhouse, product range, and advocate for inclusive wellness.

Our E3 Program Coordinator, Libby Briggs comes from Leadership in Education, she can speak fluent German and runs her own business as a marriage celebrant. Libby also spent time running a cake baking business and had a bit of a sweet tooth to prove it.

Our Board of Directors also have a broad mix of experiences and backgrounds.

I strongly believe that we need to continue to attract and invest in a team of diverse people that could come from any background. We need people that can add different experiences, thoughts and skills. Perhaps you come from a corporate career, or you have been a founder, teacher or something else.

What are we looking for?

An experienced self-starter with a sense of curiosity, keen attention to detail, the ability to communicate professionally both externally and internally, and the ability to execute. A capacity for external engagement and representing the organization at startup community events is a must. This position is not for those who shy away from a challenge or who need a lot of structure; it demands someone who is ready from day one to take initiative, dive in, learn the ropes and take on responsibility.

Program Manager Responsibilities.

  • Work closely with the National Program Manager on every stage of program execution, including planning, execution, and wrap up 
  • Manage virtual and in-person program development and execution, including leading candidate selection meetings, working closely with current and prospective sponsors, forming expert panels from our advisory pool, and producing our virtual and in-person Bootcamps, workshops and events 
  • Prepare team briefings on status of recruitment, event logistics, and ongoing projects
  • Manage the production of program related documents and materials, including setting deadlines
  • Suggest women from our network for speaking roles, panel spots and awards
  • Coordinate with venues, vendors, and key attendees for in person meetings, events, and workshops and brief team on status
  • Draft program related communications and materials, including recruitment e-blasts, advisor correspondence, newsletters, and event brochures
  • Enhance database of pipeline organizations including other accelerators, non-profits, service providers, investors, and conference organizers
  • Support management and follow up of alumnae requests including introductions to experts in our network and requests for promotion of publications or events
  • Coordinate and monitor event timelines and ensure deadlines are met
  • Create and manage on-site workflow and agenda/schedule
  • Provide clear direction to staff on-site to successfully manage events
  • Engage partners and advisors in event promotion
  • Reporting on program outcomes at all stages of the program
  • Participate in Blog writing 

What characteristics are we looking for in a candidate?

  • Highly motivated individual with an entrepreneurial spirit
  • Deadline oriented and able to manage shifting priorities
  • Capable of managing multiple projects at once and understanding where everything falls into the greater vision of the organization
  • Communicates effectively internally and externally
  • Highly organized with an affinity for spreadsheets
  • Awareness of the priorities on the team and ability to anticipate snags that may arise
  • Team oriented and never says ‘that’s not my job’
  • Understands the importance of diverse perspectives
  • Eagerness to take ownership of projects and ability to take initiative and follow through to make them successful


SBE Australia focuses on accelerating women-led businesses. We consider this an essential focus given the under representation of women in business, executive positions and decision-making roles. At SBE we are very conscious of diversity and inclusion and the sensitivities surrounding diversity and inclusion.  

As an organisation we believe innovation relies on diversity and diverse perspectives. We prefer to send subtle messages in all our marketing and communications (through imagery and inclusive language) to show we embrace diversity and inclusion.

We welcome any women-led business to apply to be part of our team and our programs, regardless of race, ethnicity, ability, religious beliefs, socio-economic status or sexual preference.

Role Benefits.

  • Competitive salary with bonuses
  • Be part of a small agile and fun team and a large global network who make a big difference to women led businesses
  • Flexibility with hours (outside of the programs and events)
  • Work from home and/or in a co-working space (when possible)
  • Additional parental leave benefits

About SBE Australia.

SBE Australia​ is a not for profit organisation that runs programs including the Springboard Enterprises Tech and Life Sciences Programs, and community events that aim to support women-led businesses to establish solid business fundamentals as they begin their start-up journey. We help accelerate their growth and scale their business, getting them ready for investment at a global level.

Over the past eight years we have helped 69 women-led businesses raise over $584m in capital, including $124m raised in 2020. 

SBE Australia produces three programs with the engagement of our sponsors and partners:

  1. Springboard Enterprises Tech Program - aimed scalable tech businesses ready for international expansion and significant capital investment
  1. Springboard Enterprises Life Sciences Program - aimed at healthcare and life science companies developing solutions in pharma, including new drugs, diagnostics, pharma technologies, and drug-delivery devices
  1. E3 Empower, Evolve, Escalate - aimed at early stage tech businesses focused on getting investor ready

Want to know how to apply?

Email ​our National Program Manager Olivia Doherty - Please include a cover letter and a written response to address your interest in SBE Australia. We are seeking candidates who are thoughtful about their application and can articulate why this role is a fit with your professional goals.

Please note applications for the role will close on September 11th 2020 at 12pm AEST.