Meet The June 2020 SBE E3 Cohort

Meet The June 2020 SBE E3 Cohort

We're so excited to introduce you to the June 2020 Cohort of the SBE E3 Program. A completely virtual program this time around, we were so excited for this wonderfully diverse range of female founders. 

The nature of the virtual program has also allowed a global depth of mentors and experts to take part in the program. To say we are excited for kick off is an understatement.

We'd love to introduce you to the incredible cohort of 14, representing 10 different businesses. 

Lucy Charlton, The Research Collab 

The Research Collab is an online platform that accelerates healthcare research by connecting the right researchers with the right research projects. Expanding research collaboration online through a searchable database of research projects improves individual and institutional engagement with relevant research and optimises skill and resource allocation. Our platform facilitates the exposure of research projects to an unprecedented level, thereby accelerating research progress, increasing sample sizes, and reducing costs, which in turn expedites the advancements of treatments for life-changing conditions including cancer, heart disease, and even COVID-19. Our vision is to continue to expand research networks beyond traditional boundaries to become the global ecosystem for research collaboration.


Maree Kenny, The Profile Laundry

With a 15-year career building and nurturing corporate relationships within the financial services sector, Maree is taking the knowledge she has gleaned and is using it to create a digital solution to help ease the loneliness epidemic. A recent graduate of the Founder Institute pre-accelerator program, The Profile Laundry is Maree's first startup. 

The human brain takes 0.01 of a second to form an impression of you at first sight, the same amount of time it takes for a human thumb to swipe left or right across a dating app screen. At The Profile Laundry, we do one thing: make great profiles. Our mission is to make people pause, and take a longer look at you before making a judgement. We know life gets lonely sometimes. We're on a journey to nip loneliness in the bud. 


Caitlin Judd and Anna Mackenzie, lady-brains

Caitlin is a business and brand coach and consultant who helps founders and businesses thrive. She has a healthy coaching client list and facilitates group coaching programs regularly on all things business, branding and marketing. Caitlin has helped her clients build six-figure online businesses with a global presence and thriving virtual teams, has grown email lists to 100K+ subscribers, and loves seeing her clients set and achieve their business goals with her support. She has a keen interest in purpose-led brands and individuals in the wellbeing, positive psychology and leadership space, infusing her marketing and communications background with the practical application of positive psychology to explore and tap into her client’s values and strengths.  

Anna has spent her career working in strategy and innovation for some of the largest fashion and beauty retailers globally. She was part of the founding Australian team to bring Japanese retailer UNIQLO to Australia, and this role saw her working extensively across Japan, Singapore and Melbourne. Until recently, she headed up the Concept Development Department at Australian beauty giant MECCA where she scoured the globe for the best, most exciting innovations in retail and led the reimagining of MECCA’s ‘store of the future’. She has extensive experience in ideation and idea validation, strategic planning, and leading big teams to deliver highly complex projects.  

lady-brains is a digital and IRL club for female founders and founders-to-be. We connect founders, entrepreneurs and investors through our invite-only events, provide coaching and mentorship through our flagship program the Brains Trust, and share inspiring founder stories on our top-rated business podcast. lady-brains has aspirations of extending our offer into education – to create the go-to online educational platform for female founders and founders-to-be globally. 


Carmen Pascoe and Julia Hardiman, SitClique

Julia has worked in the private and public sector in architecture, urban design, strategy and project management. She loves working in diverse teams and has a collaborative approach to problem solving. Julia is an expert in making things beautiful, highly functional and fit for purpose. Julia is passionate about equality and works hard at supporting flexible working environments for women. Julia recently left her senior management role in Sydney to move to Melbourne with her family.

Carmen, a qualified physiotherapist, has worked in various roles in the rehabilitation and insurance industries including in customer engagement, account management and leading teams. Carmen is passionate about giving women the opportunity to access flexible care so they don't have to choose between a career and having a family. Carmen's strengths are creative problem solving and customer experience, she is due to complete her Masters of Business Administration in 2020. 

SitClique provides the most trusted and easiest experience for parents when hiring in-home care including babysitters, nannies and home tutors. SitClique uses data-analytics, social networking and customised video-interviewing technology allowing families to find and connect with multiple Carers they love, hassle free and at an affordable price.  


Lynsey Devitt, Topaz Road

Lynsey has spent close to twenty years as an HR leader, working with organisations and their people to create positive experiences and outcomes. Lynsey has held senior leadership roles, led large and highly successful teams and driven multi-million dollar projects at some of Australia's most well known brands, and lead the development of National Australia Bank’s career transition program. She holds tertiary qualifications in Accounting, Business Management, Human Resources and Change Management and has strong consulting expertise, commercial acumen, strategic thinking and enjoys solving complex people and business challenges.

Topaz Road is changing the way organisations lead through change. Topaz Road is a digital platform that provides your employees, line managers and HR teams with tools that make managing change easier. With increasing business restructures, timely and relevant communication and resources to manage through change and support people leaving the organisation has never been more important. 


Lynda Ford, Squirrl

Lynda Ford spent more than 20 years in executive positions in local governments and not-for-profit organisations in Queensland, South Australia and Victoria. She started five social enterprises to enable organisations to increase their economic independence from government. Over the past 7 years Lynda, through her company Enterprising Partnerships, has trained more than 3,000 young people, migrants and residents of regional communities to learn the skills of entrepreneurship and start their own business. After 10 years of talking about starting a company based on the women’s travel undies she created, she finally launched Squirrl on 1 December 2019.

Squirrl makes travel safer for women. Every day. 

In 2009 Squirrl was created as a pair of undies with a secret pocket for women to wear when travelling. Squirrl keeps passports, credit cards and cash safe from pickpockets and loss. Over the past 11 years Squirrl’s design, fabric and effectiveness has been tested by many women. After much demand, Squirrl was commercialised and launched on 1 December 2019. Squirrl is designed, made and manufactured in the western suburbs of Melbourne and has a team of 8 people all of whom live in the western suburbs. Squirrl travels the world with customers in the UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and North and South America.


Margaret Tona, Grind and Thrive

Margaret is someone who doesn’t let the fear of the unknown hold her back. If anything, it inspires her to move forward. Her professional history has been an exciting adventure – 16 years’ experience, two major career changes, spanning three industries. From her years in the classroom as a secondary school teacher; to making coffee and managing cafes; to now managing the CEO of a tech company as his EA – the common thread is evident: Margaret is in the business of helping and being of service to others.

She was raised in a business savvy family who own and run their own fashion label and boutique stores. Design, style trends and manufacturing are topics often discussed around the dinner table. A true teacher and life-long learner, Margaret has also successfully run her private tutoring business for over 10 years, motivating her students to achieve their very best. She is actively involved in the coffee industry and enjoys keeping in touch with her wide network of baristas, café owners and suppliers on a regular basis. 

Margaret is a keen strategist with a sharp eye, who loves sharing her vision and constant influx of creative ideas. With her consistent and diligent approach to all things, refined communication and organisational skills, she delivers results that exceed expectations. 

She loves nicknames and often goes by Marge. You’ll usually find her reading, writing or café-hopping around Melbourne, hunting down the best South American single origin espresso. 

Grind & Thrive is the leading-edge practical solution aesthetically aligned with its target audience. It empowers those in the food and beverage sector to enhance their wellbeing by eliminating a major pain point and improve the quality of their work. In an industry that is purely focused on service, our new to market product is here to serve those that serve us. Grind & Thrive is our innovative solution that integrates style and functionality allowing its users to feel relieved, on trend and ready to take on the day. 


Liz Crowe and Sarah Gleeson, Family HQ

Liz is a Registered Nurse who works in a busy level 5 Emergency Department in regional NSW. With a career spanning nearly 10 years in Emergency and Critical Care nursing, Liz has a keen interested in emergency paediatric nursing and takes pride in being a strong advocate for her patients. Family HQ is Liz’s first business venture and although a novice in this field, Liz enjoys the critical thinking and analysis side, which she attributes to her work in the Emergency Department while caring for critically unwell or injured patients. 

Liz has a Bachelor of Nursing from the University of Technology Sydney and a Graduate Certificate in Critical Care Nursing.

Sarah is a Rural GP Obstetrician and Academic Clinician based in Goondiwindi, Queensland. Sarah is passionate about Rural Australia and thrives on the challenge that rural medicine presents. After working in Goondiwindi for 9 years, she takes pride in the meaningful contribution that she can make to her rural community. Sarah is Practice Principal at the Goondiwindi Medical Centre and has experience in a variety of her family’s entities. Family HQ is the first health-tech company Sarah has managed and whilst it has been a steep learning curve, she enjoys the marketing, quality improvement, and design aspects of the business and has a keen eye for detail. Sarah has an MBBS, an Advanced Diploma of Obstetrics, Fellowship of the RACGP, and Fellowship of Advanced Rural General Practice.

As mums to five busy boys under seven between them, Sarah and Liz understand just how tricky it can be to manage medications when family members are unwell. Sarah is a GP & Rural Emergency Doctor & Liz a Registered Nurse, but when their boys needed medications, they too found themselves struggling to keep track of who had what & when. They have developed an app that tracks, records and manages information about family’s medication and health management plans. Family HQ is an all-in-one solution to seamlessly manage medication doses and times.  Sarah and Liz have a vision to create a platform that educates parents about the potential dangers of medications if used inappropriately & general tips about caring for your family when they’re unwell. Their aim is to eliminate accidental overdose whilst allowing parents to better managing their family’s health & medication overall. Family HQ app will be ready for launch late July 2020, and this will allow Liz and Sarah to realise their vision of making life easier (and safer) for families when they have a sick one in the household, no matter the duration of the illness, from the common cold to chronic conditions. 


Tania Stacey and Kym Cooper, East Forged

The founding team include two of Australia's most successful and award-winning tea specialists, Tania Stacey of Cuppa Cha (VIC) and Kym Copper of The Steepery Tea Co (QLD). 

Based in Victoria Australia, Tania has a first-class honours degree in Marketing and experience in Sales Management spanning more than 20 years in the Building Specification Industry and several years in hospitality including front and back of house. In 2013, Tania founded Cuppa Cha, a specialist tea business that focuses on Taiwanese teas.  2017, Tania won World Tea Brewing Champion and travelled to China to represent Australia.  Working with Taiwanese tea farmers, professionals, and scientists, Tania continues to promote Taiwan’s Tea Industry. Growing from Tania’s passion for tea, she established East Forged in 2017 with her partner in crime and other tea specialist, Kym Cooper. She is fully focused to take East Forged, a non-alcoholic tea brew that elevates the social drinking experience, to the world.

Kym is a Chartered Accountant with over 17 years of accounting and audit experience having worked in Australia and the UK leading international teams and reporting at Board level. Kym founded her specialty tea business, The Steepery Tea Co. in 2015 focussed on growing a domestic market for pure leaf tea working directly with tea growers, creation of partnerships with the hospitality industry, growing an education platform and producing tea events. The ideation around East Forged commenced in 2017 when Kym and Tania forged a partnership to create a sophisticated and accessible tea based beverage experience that resonates with a global audience. Kym has been recognised for her ability to educate and source exceptional tea being awarded the Grand Champion tea and a Gold Medal in 2018 at the Royal Agricultural Show Tasmania’s Fine Food Awards and mentoring and sourcing tea for the 2018 World Tea Champion. 

East Forged have crafted a range of non-alcoholic brews for the sophisticated, culturally diverse and young-minded consumer looking for a "better for you" adult tasting beverage. Our beverages are perfect for all social occasions while rejecting alcohol temporarily or permanently. We are a lean, female-led, early-stage start-up with an innovative, first-to-the-market product positioned in the emerging category of non-alcoholic drinks. As passionate tea specialists we have used our knowledge of teas’ natural and complex flavours to reinvent traditional tea as an approachable and accessible brew suited to adult taste preferences for beer, wine and spirits. East Forged is available nationally with the intention to scale and grow a global brand presence.


Jacinta Priest, In The Moment Skincare

Jacinta has a Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing Management) and a background in Marketing. She currently works as the Social Media Specialist for award winning startup Quad Lock in Melbourne. Originally from New Zealand, She has previously worked in the skincare industry with her mother, who established her first skincare business over 30 years ago. Jacinta has worked in multiple female owned and led family businesses founded by her mother over many years, gaining experience in product development, public relations and marketing in the industry, and an understanding of the logistics and operations of a skincare business. Working at Quad Lock has given her a strong understanding in ecommerce including social media marketing as well as online and direct to consumer business models which has lent itself nicely to starting her side hustle project, In the Moment Skincare of which she is co-founding with her friend (and colleague from Quad Lock) Adrian Rafter that they plan to launch later this year. 

In the Moment Skincare will be a direct-to-consumer skincare brand with a focus on all natural skin care products using Australian active ingredients set to launch later this year in Australia. Working closely with a formulator in New Zealand (Jacinta's mum with over 30+ experience in Skincare formulation) the product range will focus on innovative new skincare formulations for modern skin issues such as pollution, UV rays and blue light emitted by digital devices, which are all linked to premature ageing and other skin conditions. The aim is to create products using sustainably sourced ingredients and packaging that will help combat the effects of these factors but are also simple to use and multi purpose.

We're so excited to watched this group of ambitious women thrive and grow over the upcoming 8 weeks!

You can learn more about our E3 Program here.