Meet our July 2020 E3 Cohort

Meet our July 2020 E3 Cohort

This July, As we welcome the new financial year, we also welcome a new E3 cohort.

The program is being run in an entirely virtual format, in order to follow COVID-19 restrictions. The virtual nature of the program has allowed a wonderful group of women to join, from all over Australia. 

We'd love to introduce you to our E3 founders. 


Alisha Williams and Riannah Burns, Co-Founders of Rosewell

Rosewell is a lifestyle brand making sexual wellness accessible to everybody, with products that enhance intimacy. 65% of sex toy purchases are made by females yet, female sexual wellbeing is far too often overlooked. In fact, 40% of females will experience a sexual problem in their lifetime, with less than 20% seeking further care. Research shows the best predictor of female sexual wellbeing is overall wellbeing - stress, mood, trust, body image. Now picture a typical sexual product brand or store. How does it make you feel?

Alisha is a dedicated and passionate marketing strategist, digital designer and lead communicator. Growing up on the Sunshine Coast, Alisha studied graphic design at Shillington and marketing through OU, before founding her Brisbane-based studio, Grounded, in 2014. Alisha’s passion for data-driven decisions and laser focus on developing thoughtfully crafted campaigns has resulted in strong growth and reductions in CAC of up to 92% for clients around Australia. 

At age 8, Riannah was delivering Brisbane’s junk-mail. Now, with 90% of a Commerce (finance) degree, work experience in 8 industries across 3 countries, including venture capital and purpose-led consulting, Riannah understands the difference between doing something for a living and doing something that creates value. So when Alisha brought up Rosewell, Riannah, her former colleague, was immediately on board. 



Caryn Anderson and Janelle Donnelly, Co-Founders of Coo-e App

Coo-e App is an established web based communication platform designed specifically to reach disaggregated audiences with critical information in a timely manner.

The platform was designed to cut-through all the data and information in today’s high technology environment and ensure end users have access to critical information in a consolidated way. Coo-e App is the creation of two Melbourne based professional women Caryn Anderson and Janelle Donnelly. In trying to balance the demands of professional responsibilities with parenting, Caryn and Janelle saw that life would be a whole lot easier if there was a way for parents, employees or members to receive essential time critical communication that didn’t get lost in newsletters, emails, social media or multiple platforms.  Then in 2016, a number of schools in Australia were thrown into chaos with bomb hoaxes where parents were left confused and concerned by conflicting sources of information as the incidents unfolded. It was then that Caryn and Janelle conceived the idea for Coo-e App as an easy and low cost way of keeping key stakeholders informed of critical information on event changes, incidents, emergencies and other important reminders. Janelle and Caryn formed Innosync Pty Ltd to turn ideas such as Coo-e into commercial enterprises. After extensive product development and user testing, in 2019 Coo-e App was launched.

An app for organisations to send push notifications and alerts about urgent notices, important events, reminders and real time incidents. A challenge for today’s consumer is the incursion of information overload, the requirement to use multiple platforms and urgent messages and information not being seen. The use of Coo-e App helps you jump to the front of the queue by allowing organisations to send alerts as a push notifications to your lock screen so you don’t miss a thing. Coo-e is an app for people who want to cut through the noise and receive only the communications they want. Developed with the end user in mind – opt-in and opt-out functionality puts the end user back in control to receive only the communications they need. Coo-e supports organisations in being heard through the noise and ensuring their messages and information is received by the end user. Coo-e is a simple and effective app and web-based tool which supports organisations, institutes, businesses, clubs, groups and not-for-profits to reach their community through a push notification in an instant.

Caryn is a corporate executive and entrepreneur who thrives on turning ideas into reality with a passion for doing things differently and pushing the boundaries. She started in environmental science where she worked across Australia and internationally gaining a solid grounding in business operations, emergency management, insurance and international cooperation. She moved into infrastructure management and is now responsible for the growth strategies and future development of Australia’s largest container port where she is continuously developing her understanding of business strategy, investment decision making, leadership and stakeholder engagement. In addition to Caryn's corporate roles, she has established a number new businesses across; building and construction, fabrication (including patent development), management consulting and, more recently, a communication platform through Coo-E App. Caryn loves the diversity of approach, priorities and challenges across the different types of businesses from small organisations to large multi-national corporations and the fact that, underpinning them all is the same common challenge of turning ideas into reality and how to leverage the key strength in any business – the passion of the people. Her passion and experience is supported by formal qualifications including a Bachelor of Applied Science (Environmental Management) (Hons), a Masters in Law and a Masters in Business Administration. 

Janelle is an Entrepreneur, Innovator, Perfumer, Not-for profit Chairman and Philanthropist. She has always been a curious person with dreams, imagination and ambition. Janelle started her career in environmental policy and worked at the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority then moved into the ports and shipping industry. She realised that the full time corporate job was leaving her unfulfilled so instead she decided to work for someone for just part of her week, work for herself for part of the time and volunteer some expertise. Working flexibility gave her the liberty to carve out an unconventional career path. She now works as the Director of Innovation and Partnerships for a defence technology company and she has co-founded two companies: a tech-company Coo-E App and a retail brand MetaScent. She is honoured to Chair the board of an independent girls’ school and was previously Chairman of a philanthropic foundation. Janelle has a scholarship in her name at the University of Queensland to help disadvantaged young women in the Business Economics and Law faculty gain a university education. In 2019, she was a finalist in the Women in Defence Awards for outstanding achievement in raising funds for research collaborations. Janelle was also named Vietnam Business Woman Magazine Business Woman of the Month for August 2019. She works across several industries including defence, technology, retail, manufacturing and education which allows her to leverage her cross-sectoral expertise. Her desire to get the best out of herself and others is supported by her formal qualifications including a Bachelor of Arts, Graduate Diploma of Applied Science (Environmental Management), Master of Applied Law, Bachelor of Laws and a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice. I am a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.


Claire Aristides, Founder of Mindology App

Claire Aristides is the Founder of Mindology App, she is a Wellness Tech Innovator & Clinical Hypnotherapist. After establishing an online fine jewellery brand, AFJ Studio, Claire trained as a Clinical Hynotherpaist. Claire and her company’s mission, is to change the way you think about yourself, by changing your mindset in a positive and lasting way. 

Claire combines twenty years of business experience with the powerful techniques and learnings of hypnotherapy to enable clients to learn to change how they think about themselves. She has practiced and consulted as a hypnotherapist in London and Sydney. She has created tailored empowered meditation workshops for female member focused organisations such as AllBright in London, as well as tailored programs for the corporate clients.

Claire uses the methodology of her hypnotherapy coaching model into a digitalised platform with the launch of the Mindology App, an innovative wellness and mindset platform. The app takes meditation to the next level and combines self-hypnosis and guided visualisation techniques, as well as podcasts about our brain waves, and the neuroscience behind building good habits. 

Daisy Ashworth, Co-Founder of Mortgage Mates

Mortgage Mates is like a dating website but for home ownership. We match you with individuals who have the same housing preferences as you, i.e. location, cost and property type, in order to co-own a home together. Mortgage Mates is a revolutionary website for the Australian housing market, assisting you to enter the property market in half the time. It will allow you to choose the security of home ownership over rental properties and share houses. Using a unique algorithm Mortgage Mates matches you to other like-minded individuals to search for, apply for and purchase housing together. By matching with another user who shares your housing aspirations you can afford to purchase a home to live in, land to build on or an investment property with less financial risks and increased legal protection.

Throughout her 14 years experience working within the legal, housing and welfare space Daisy began to identify a growing gap in the housing market, with individuals finding themselves without a permanent roof over their head. She noticed that multiple generations were simply being priced out of home ownership, with no opportunity to purchase their own home and enter a competitive housing market. It was through this experience she developed the idea of connecting individuals together to allow them the opportunity to co-own a home.

Naomi Henn, Founder of CrowdClip

CrowdClip helps businesses scale video by using an AI to cut individual videos out of a single video or group of videos. Thousands of personalized clips could normally take weeks. For example, versions personalized for each sports player or business event attendee featured in the uploaded video. Without CrowdClip, it takes forever to cut multiple versions of a collection of videos. This is because you have to go through and pick out all these individual clips, it costs way too much money, too much time, and the personalised distribution is almost impossible. So that’s why we started CrowdClip. We can fix all that in a matter of minutes. CrowdClip - Personalised videos made easy."

Naomi is an entrepreneur, marketing executive, a former sponsored athlete and the founder and CEO of tech startup Crowd Clip. Crowd Clip empowers small businesses and sports clubs through through video creation and online marketing. Naomi Henn has been in the sports and broadcasting industry for more than 12 years and was previously a sponsored athlete. In 2013 Naomi moved to San Francisco to attend a scholarship courses at both UCLA and Stanford University. A Young Australian of the Year finalist, Naomi has mentored local Little Athletics clubs and is a professional public speaker. Naomi has also worked with high school students through Just Start IT – an inter high school program that brings Silicon Valley methodologies and tech industry mentors into the classroom. 

Grace Petherick, Founder and CEO of Age Up Health

Age Up Health was founded by Grace Petherick.  The service is a new aged care provider offering which is more flexible than current approaches to in-home support. The service offering is designed to reduce the length of stay of aged patients in an acute setting and deliver a high-quality customised service in the home to support this process. Each client is allocated a care companion and a care coordinator responsible for designing a unique program for each client.  The flow-on effect to this is that the aged population can move back home with wraparound support services, resulting is less days of hospitalisation, superior transition into the home and better health for the elderly.

With a strong background in marketing, service and digital strategy, Grace is bringing a fresh perspective to one of Australia's forgotten industries: aged care. By bringing together experts across every field, Age Up Health seeks to completely disrupt the aged care industry by creating the world's best consumer directed care practices and facilities. 

Zara Torre, Founder of The Difference

The Difference is a fintech social enterprise that will help charities in Australia get back on their feet post-COVID 19. We're a technology platform enabler that  provides easy options for givers to make micro donations at the point-of-sale by integrating with a range of existing transaction channels. By cutting potentially hundreds of millions of dollars per year out of backend marketing costs for charities worldwide, we can supercharge the amount of money actually going to those who need it. 

Zara is a founder of The Difference, with a background in healthcare, law and international relations she has spent much of her life trying to find the best way to give back. After working for years in the NFP sector, she combined her love of tech with creating Australia's first round-up mobile app to give. 

She sees that everyday moments have the potential to scale to significant impact, considering the rise of global payments and the fact that Australians make over 8.7 Billion card transactions every year. "By rounding up your digital spare change, every time you shop you could actually help change a life, technology has the power to connect people to any cause both locally and internationally"

Fiona Dunne, Founder of Glowdry Australia

Founded in October 2018 by new Mum and spray tan artist Fiona Dunne, GlowDry Australia is a 4-in-1 post fake tanning treatment that is taking the industry by storm. 

After noticing a gap in the market and struggling to fake tan with a newborn in the Perth heat, Fiona set about creating a solution to feeling damp, sticky and uncomfortable after tanning. GlowDry was born, a soft luxurious and luminous drying powder that sets and dries your fake tan. The loose drying powder is formulated with finely milled ingredients that sets the tan perfectly, mattifying the skin without feeling heavy or looking dry. Created with Organic Western Australian Clay and Organic starch, these super absorbing ingredients keeps the skin dry and smooth for hours while you wait for your tan to develop. GlowDry locks the tan in place so there is no more stained sheets or clothes and the fresh beachy scent masks any of those musty sunless tan odours. Its basically the solution to any of the reasons that people choose not to fake tan!

Since the launch of their Starter Kit and refill 'the bestie' they have expanded to offer a powder spray travel size option and they are expanding the range to include many other innovative sunless tanning accessories and products. 

Glowdry are pioneering the way forward by offering recyclable packaging and a refill option to reduce waste, costs and environmental impact. Currently they have over 50 stockists across Ireland, UK, Russia, USA and Belgium. 

Hailing from Dublin, Ireland, Fiona Dunne, came to Perth Western Australia in 2012. With the typical pale Irish freckled skin, Fiona struggled in the Australian sun and after a few summers of damaging skin due to the harmful UV rays, Fiona decided to chase the bottle of fake tan instead. Her obsession for a subtle bronzed glow led her to setting up a spray tanning business at 4 months pregnant. This in turn sparked a light bulb moment during one very hot and busy day spray tanning. Noticing all her clients leave feeling uncomfortable and knowing how this felt, she set out to create a solution - a powdered finish to the spray tanning process. Fiona spent the next few months mixing and blending ingredients and tried all the different powdered combinations. Being an avid fake tanner and new mum struggling with time and means to fake tan herself she created a solution for the fake tanning industry and for self tanners just like herself. GlowDry was launched on 1 October 2018 and Fiona has been working hard since to promote the setting powder to other fake tan users and showing women how GlowDry can help achieve a nice bronzed glow without feeling uncomfortable. Fiona's background in environmental health led to Fiona creating a refill pouch so that users can simply keep refilling to avoid waste and Fiona always has sustainability on the for front when innovating and creating new products. 


PreppedFRESH is an exciting, new, direct-to-consumer business that fills a clear gap in the Australian market. The unique proposition is effortless weeknight cooking, with less prep and zero waste. They offer a broad range of prepped vegetables and herbs, flash-frozen and home-delivered for ultimate freshness and convenience.

Isabelle Dunn is the founder of PreppedFRESH. She grew up overseas in a family of avid cooks and food lovers. For her, cooking and eating together was always a lot more than a routine task. It’s a chance to listen, share, laugh, and talk. Now a busy working mum of two, she has been finding it extremely challenging to continue fueling the joy of cooking whilst living in Australia. The competing demands of work and home can often leave us with little time to cook and fresh vegetables and herbs often go off before we get to them.  

Flash-freezing technology can be used to reduce food waste, by extending shelf life and locking in nutrients, flavour and texture. The category is fast growing globally, and especially in Europe with businesses, such as Picard Surgeles in France, fast-growing to become known as “the home cooks best-kept secret”. However, IQF still very much in its infancy in Australia, with only major end-users being chefs in hotels and restaurants, using large package sizes.

She spotted a gap in market and PreppedFRESH was born. Her vision is to give all home chefs across Australia access to those solutions.

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