Introducing our Evolve Victorian July Cohort

Introducing our Evolve Victorian July Cohort

We are very excited to introduce you to our July Evolve cohort and watch as their businesses grow and develop over the course of the program.


Philomena Kwok

Philomena spent 14 years of her career in finance, whilst juggling a side hustle in fashion that saw her label stocked nationally, appearing on television, runways and in editorial. She threw it in to follow her love of great design, business and interest in agriculture. Over the last 7 years Philomena has worked to get great, locally grown flowers into homes and businesses across Australia with her business Bloombox Co. She has completed the Chartered Financial Analyst program, holds a Bachelor of Business from UTS, and currently resides in Melbourne.

Natalie Verdon

Natalie Verdon, CEO of Briometrix, has a career history in management consulting, and more recently the launch of two startups. She managed her consulting company for 20 years, working across many industries, supporting the executive teams to launch new products, process improvement and change programs. Accredited MBTI, Natalie specialises in business development and product management. In her free time Natalie likes to get moving and easily encourage to join hiking, bike or horse riding, or enjoying photography. Briometrix empowers city, state, and federal governments and agencies responsible for footpath network infrastructure make better data-driven decisions about where to focus their infrastructure planning, maintenance and budgets to help every person get to where they need to go.

Rhiannon Mason
Goodness Greatness

Goodness Greatness is about helping businesses grow, by connecting them with customers, other business owners and opportunities for education and resources. We partner with Australian small businesses to provide opportunities for growth and development through digital marketing services and networking events. As well as partnering directly with businesses, Goodness Greatness runs the Victorian Small Business Network, which connects small businesses in Victoria through events and online resources.

Our philosophy of collaboration over competition has seen growth for us and businesses across Victoria, in both profitability and general wellbeing and drives us to do better every day, together.

Shanya Suppasiritad

Shanya is determined to forge a brighter future for fashion by offering a sustainable and efficient way for consumers to connect with brands. She is creative, diligent, and a natural-born problem solver.

Shanya's 10 years+ of experience as a stylist has helped her build a formidable network within the fashion industry. She has successfully launched two startups; Tumnus and Coclo, both of which have instigated measurable shifts in consumer behaviour. She has been recognised as a change-maker, was the first recipient of the “Two Good” grant, was nominated for Yarra Sustainability Awards, and has been featured in Triple J’s Hack, Broadsheet, ABC Radio, The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, Good Weekend and many more. 

Huijun (Jojo) Lao

Engaging with customers from different industries, Huijun has mastered her skills in user interface design and user experience enhancement. She brings expertise in leading and working with the technical team and delivering structurally sound, visually pleasing and functional building projects.

Huijun is talented in discovering potential demands and finding innovative solutions. She has shown her expertise in project management and user experience by managing and supervising many large-scale IT projects at Monash University and AIBUILD. Remarkably, Huijun has also been awarded a Cameron Foundation Scholarship for her outstanding achievements in entrepreneurship. 

CaptureLive is an AI-driven healthtech company that develops a real-time monitoring and analysis system to prevent accidents and assist nursing staff to respond better and quicker towards elderly and those who have disabilities, especially with high fall risk and low mobility. It helps ease the pressure of caregivers and vulnerable residents. Capture Live has always committed to using technology to help improve the welfare system and the standard of living of residents - particularly senior citizens.

Jefrina Yeo
Book My Space

Book My Space is event management software to enable stallholders and event organisers to book and manage an event. Our software will empower event managers. Book my space is built for organisers to manage markets and for stallholders to pay their bills. Reports are generated on demand, stallholders can pay for their stall(s) ahead of the market day and stallholders  can manage existing stallholders and handle new stallholder applications. Founder, Jefrina has a background in banking, finance and hospitality. She is a serial entrepreneur and loves to read about how people have become successful in business. Jefrina is currently a co-founder of a business - Two Lazy Cows, producing award winning shortbread which are sold at farmers markets. 

Janelle Donnelly
Meta Scent

Janelle is an Entrepreneur, Innovator, Perfumer and Not-for profit Chairman. Curious with dreams, imagination and ambition, Janelle started her career in environmental policy and worked at the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority. Feeling unfulfilled by corporate life Janelle decided to work for someone else for just part of her week, work for herself for part of her week and volunteer some expertise. Working flexibility gave Janelle the liberty to carve out an unconventional career path.

My desire to get the best out of myself and others is supported by my formal qualifications including a Bachelor of Arts, Graduate Diploma of Applied Science (Environmental Management), Master of Applied Law, Bachelor of Laws and a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice. 

MetaScent is a luxury perfume brand that began trading in late 2018. MetaScent was founded by two female perfumers to give customers access to creative perfumery and customised fragrance. MetaScent has unique capabilities in the formulation, compounding and manufacture of perfume. With it’s own collection of branded products, MetaScent also provides premium experiences to customers wishing to make their own fragrance. A flagship studio and store was established in Collins Street, Melbourne and has now grown to a showroom and production studio in Collingwood. MetaScent was invited to create ambient scent for Paris Fashion Week in 2019 and now has distributors in France, Vietnam and China.

Amal Mohamed Dameer

Amal Mohamed Dameer is a medical doctor and a PhD candidate at RMIT University. She is an Honorary Researcher at Austin Health and Australasian Sleep Association's Respiratory Council conference organizer on the conference organizing committee. Amal’s PhD is a clinical trial exploring better cardiovascular patient outcomes. She has a passion for combining medicine and science for better healthcare delivery and has other clinical trial experience in this path. Amal believes tech is the future to achieve better healthcare delivery. Apart from medicine and research, she likes to wind down with family and friends, sit with nature, travel and experience different cultures, dabble with photography, fashion and movies. She grew up around the world in many countries which she thinks is why she is multi-cultural in her attitude and tastes. Amal's business, "Saving sight and lives at the palm of your hand: an app that detects 'floppy eyelid syndrome' (FES) in the clinical office that can be used for clinical, research and educational purposes in urban, rural and underdeveloped settings both in Australia and internationally."

Delphine Genin

French-born, Delphine Genin is the Co-Founder and Creative Director of the Atelier DELPHINE GENIN. The atelier’s work explores psychology, craftsmanship, sustainability and self-expression through the use of symbolism to create couture garments for HNW clientele and distinguished women who reserve an appreciation for quality, craftsmanship and elegance.

Trained by the prestigious Ecole LESAGE in Paris, Delphine Genin is the only designer in Australia to specialise in art embroidery. She honours the tradition of French craftsmanship while embracing today’s technology to radically transform the industry.

Previously, Delphine Genin worked as a CFO both in France and Australia. She assisted groups, listed company and start-ups in their developments and restructures and specialised in M&A. Her professional background in a male-dominated world has significantly influenced her designs, which seek to represent modern femininity through the use of traditionally male attributes. Today, she is a member of Scale Investors, a business angels group that only invests in female founders. Delphine is also the Chair and Director for the Strategic Development and Communication Committee of the Rotary Club of Hawthorn and a Councillor for the French and Australian Chamber of Commerce (FACCI).

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