How Do You Create an Environment to Avoid Team Churn?

How Do You Create an Environment to Avoid Team Churn?

Hayley Mackintosh of Base Up Consulting shares with the SBE Community her 'ATC' (Avoid Team Churn) Model.

Do you know how much it costs to replace a team member? A lot…and it costs more than just money.  

Churn within a team causes a drop in morale, anxiety around the replacement, increase in workload for a period and even a sense of loss. I find it also poses some questions to those remaining… Why did he/she leave? Should I leave too?

So, how do you create an environment, to Avoid Team Churn?

Here are 5 x key areas, which I have found to be vital:

  1. Great Leadership

Leadership & Management are two very different skill sets – choose to be a Leader, who nurtures their team. It is said by many, especially Sir Richard Branson, that if you put your team first, they will put your clients first & at that point your revenue should flourish. As a Leader you need to empower, motivate and coach.

In my experience, those who lead by example and share a collaborative management style are far more likely to succeed. Think of your team as individual’s, coming together to achieve common goals - work with them, allow development & tailor your approach as needed.

You may like to review the Hersey & Blanchard Leadership Model.   

  1. Effective Communication

You no longer need to be aggressive to get what you want from employees.

The right way to communicate in 2020 is with active listening, empathy, understanding & care.

Be open, honest & tactful in your approach to situations; this is no longer a weakness. People (especially younger generations) want to feel inspired & work towards something they believe in; something that will “make a difference”; however, this can only be achieved by communicating clearly. Share the vision & the goals of the business. Share the financials (or part of), so they can see their contribution. Create regular individual + team goals. Share your goals & aspirations. I have seen many teams work harder when equipped with this information & achieve great things!

Our workforce now spans many generations, which leads to many generational issues, however, I have found that communication is the leading issue when it comes to friction & misunderstandings. 

  1. Growth Mindset

WARNING: Do not hold your team back!

If your team are not learning, earning or having fun, they will move on, even if there is great leadership. 

I see far too many people leave jobs due to this factor & in the end it is the company who loses out. Your employee may be a superstar in their current role but imagine what they could do if they get promoted!

I suggest implementing regular catch ups with your team, so everyone is on the same page – find out their goals, address any concerns, do they want/need further training? Your job as their Leader or Manager, is to consider how can you help on their journey to success. 

  1. Freedom & Trust

Micro-management no more…

Trust your team to do the job you’ve hired them to do. If you give direction & space, I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised – this approach also builds mutual respect.

Should you have an employee who requires a little more help; great! You need to provide support, nurture & develop their skills & confidence, until they are ready to be the CEO of their role.

If you openly communicate, your team should feel comfortable asking for help when needed.

  1. Purpose

Millennials want more…they frequently say they “want to make a difference”.

In fact, most people need to have a purpose or a WHY, to be passionate about what they are doing. Share your purpose & share the purpose of the business. This creates great morale, loyalty & success.


You can learn more about Hayley here and her business, Base Up Consulting here