3 Things to Do to Evolve Through Challenges

3 Things to Do to Evolve Through Challenges

Recently I sat down with Sabrina Bethunin, who is an accomplished, multi-passionate individual who loves business strategy, branding and design. As co-founder of MadeComfy, a fully integrated property management solution for short-term rental that combines property management with hospitality, Sabrina has a demonstrated track record of building a company and overcoming challenges. Currently, Sabrina is the CEO of MadeComfy based in Sydney Australia.

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Sally “Sabrina you’ve been building your MadeComfy business into a global empire since 2015, I’m sure you’ve come across many challenges upon your entrepreneurial journey! Would you mind sharing your top 3 tips with us as to how you embrace challenges?”


Sabrina's Tips:

1. Keep composure and stay calm

"When you are facing challenges, it is crucial to keep centered, calm and in control.

Being calm will allow you to have the clarity you need to make the best quality decisions and to build confidence around your stakeholders.

Doing meditation has helped me to sleep, keep calm and focused when I am facing challenges, I think in those moments our minds need to be sharp."


2. Identify what the best possible outcome is and what steps you need to take to get there

"I identify the best result; I keep my focus on following the actions to get there, having a positive mindset, and I put all my energy into making this happen."


3. Identify what the worst-case scenario is and what actions you can take to mitigate risk

"I am in the process of mapping out the possible alternatives; I also take into account what is the worst-case scenario and what are the actions that need to be taken at some point if this eventuates to lower the cost of failure.

It is crucial to be positive and avoid negativity, and it is essential to consider different scenarios to be prepared."


Thank you so much to Sabrina for sharing these tips with us. If you're not already, you need to be following her journey. She is building an great business with her co-founder and is empowering entrepreneurs along the way to show us that the right mindset can make a huge difference.

When I first met Sabrina, she did a keynote at our 2019 Dolphin Tank event and I was absolutely impressed. But it wasn't until I had the opportunity to enjoy lunch with her and learn more about her story that I was completely and utterly moved - she has conquered so many challenges and I am absolutely inspired.

Throughout my career to date I can certainly say that it is tips like Sabrina's here that have helped me to evolve through any challenge with absolute courage. No matter where you're at on your journey, don't let the fear of a challenge stop you from taking action to pursue better, to build and become something and someone great. 



Sally A Illingworth

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