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Tech Cohort 2018


FluroSat - Anastasia Volkova

FluroSat is a crop health monitoring start-up that provides agronomists and farmers with multi-use, actionable maps which help improve yields and reduce input costs. Learn more about FluroSat here


MadeComfy - Sabrina Bethunin

MadeComfy is a fully integrated property management solution for Short-Term Rental that combines property management with hospitality. For property owners and property investors, MadeComfy offers the opportunity to get maximised income for their properties, hassle-free. Learn more about MadeComfy here

Pax republic is    

Pax Republic - Barbara Sharp

Pax Republic builds technology to harness large group emotional intelligence to enable well-informed decisions. Their lead product, C-Sight™, is the world’s first preventative culture risk solution. It helps CEOs and company directors prevent #MeToo-style culture risks from causing harm to people and corporate reputation. Learn more about Pax Republic here. 


Place Score - Kylie Legge

Place Score is the first ‘place experience’ measurement platform that lets communities share what they most care about, rate their own places, and in doing so help governments and developers prioritise investment in neighbourhoods, town centres and workplaces. Learn more about Place Score here


Prezzee - Claire Morris

Prezzee is the No.1 eGift Card Application in Australia allowing consumers to buy, send, store and redeem digital Gift Cards all from their mobile device. Send 1-1000 e-Gift Cards in a few simple clicks. Learn more about Prezzee here

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RIP Global - Melissa Gollan

RIP Global is a secure clean data platform designed to collect the complete accounting data packet from the customer at the source of purchase. Patent protected and globally unique, RIP Global has ripped the receipts and invoices out of the hands of their customers - the #1 most hated task performed by every business. Learn more about RIP Global here


Springday - Georgie Drury

Springday helps companies CARE. CARE stands for Culture, Attraction, Retention, Engagement. Successful organisations and CEOs know that without CARE, they can’t retain employees or customers and sustain business. Learn more about Springday here

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The Volte - Bernadette Olivier

The Volte is the 'Airbnb of Fashion' allowing individuals to borrow and lend designer fashion. Previously individuals had no ability to earn income from their designer purchases. The Volte allows lenders to rent their items with peace of mind due to its integrated services. Learn more about The Volte here

Biotech and Life Sciences Pilot Cohort 2018


Dimerix - Kathy Harrison

Dimerix has a platform technology which identifies receptor- receptor dimers, particularly GPCR's. This technology has been used to understand complex pharmacology, and also used to identify DMX-200 the lead clinical program. DMX-200 is an adjunct therapy for use in chronic kidney disease, first indications are the rare disease focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) and diabetic nephropathy. Phase 2a proof of concept data has been received and further Phase 2 trials. will commence shortly. Learn more about Dimerix here


LiVac - Anabela Correia

LiVac specialises in the development and commercialisation of minimally invasive surgical devices to market. The company has established global regulatory approvals and EU and AU sales for its first product, the LiVac Retractor System. Learn more about LiVac here

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Prota Therapeutics - Mimi Tang

Prota Therapeutics is a newly established Australian private company developing immunotherapy based treatments for food allergy. The company’s lead product under development is a treatment for the most common cause of life-threatening anaphylaxis, peanut allergy, and is based on technology spun out of the Murdoch Children's Research Institute.